Kibby G5 Carpet sampling machine
The Kibby G5 - Designed specifically for sampling Axminster . Image courtesy of Modra.
MTuft carpet sampling machine
Looking for Tufted carpet samples? We are experts in the use of Mtuft carpet sampling machines. Image courtesy of Modra.

Rapid carpet sampling service

We only use the latest carpet sampling equipment such as the MTuft and Kibby G5.

Sampling top of the range Axminster demands the best equipment and industry leading know how to get the best out of the Kibby G5 and its fantastic features.

We live and breathe carpet sampling and manufacturing equipment and have done for the last 35 years which means faster deliveries and the highest quality.

We are totally passionate about this fabulous product, and our rapid carpet sampling service allows you to quickly visualise your design concept.

Our company ethos is to excel at customer service.

You and your project are the most important thing to us.

With our extensive carpet industry knowledge, we can assure you of class leading service and products along with competitive pricing and lead times.

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